Email VS. Texting: Which is the Best for Business Communication?

Email vs. Texting

  • Email versus Texting
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IntBell 07/29/2021

In the era of advanced communication, sending text messages and E-mail are often the common channels for people to communicate with each other remotely, which is very important in daily communication or formal negotiations. While the use of email for business is fairly traditional, there is no ignoring the growing popularity of texting as a means of business marketing and collaboration. In this case, are you struggling to stick to tradition or join the tide of innovation? Here is a comparison of the two approaches, hoping to ease your worries.

Open Rates

When choosing a business communication tool, the importance of the average open rate comes to the first, it affects the  efficiency of communication. A tool with a high open rate will help your business conversation by making your customers to view information in a timely manner, whereas a tool with a low open rate will not help your  business, but will hurt your business.

That's the advantage of text messages. A study found that the email open rate on average is only 20%, while the average open rate of text message ups to 98%. In addition, there is no guarantee that most people will see the emails within a short time, whereas most text messages can be viewed within several minutes. The advantage of having a high open rate of text messages is to reduce the likelihood that your messages will sit unattended in your clients' mailbox.

Response Rates

Have you ever confronted with this situation: your clients had check your text messages or emails but not response to you? The business that has not been replied can not be promoted, so which channel of communication gets the higher response rate?

Texting is a close channel of communication between both parties involved. When it comes to business promotion, texting produces response rates up to eight times higher than email. Business conversations with companies are more human through text messaging. Rather than a cold and template response, texting gives you the feeling that you're communicating with people who are really close to you, which can help foster friendly cooperation. However, high response rates is not a good thing for internal communication, it often leads to fragmented conversations, which means it takes longer for colleagues to respond to messages continuously. By contrast, waiting a while for an email to get the all gist is not unacceptable.


Most often, your business communications fail because of the reliability of your communication channels. Even thought texting and email are both highly reliable channels to communicate, they both have problems with the delivery of information. Mailbox often misreads spam, your email is more likely to be killed off and could not reach the other side of the inbox. Texting is more personalized than email. In order to combat invasive marketing SMS, filtering spam SMS is becoming more and more intelligent. Therefore, enterprises should be more careful when sending SMS, so as not to affect future business activities.


One of the major features of email is its outstanding functions. Its powerful functions mainly include the following:

Can add various types of attachments

An email can send detailed information

Can use folders and labels to organize mail

Can use well-designed E-mail template

Nationwide roaming can be realized by using packet switched network (CHINAPAC)

Users can send information to this bulletin board mailbox to post

Texting is not as versatile as email, but its basic functions can replace email to some extent. It can send group text messages, automatic reply and send files such as pictures and audio. Plus, the simple functions of texting avoid the time-consuming sorting of emails, and the name recognition of contacts doesn't confuse you. Business phone services such as IntBell also allow colleagues to share a single number to communicate with customers.

User Experience

User experience is an aspect that is easy to overlook when choosing a communication channel, but it is also an essential aspect. Good user experience is more likely to keep your customers. As many as 85 percent of smartphone users would rather receive text messages than emails. This may be due to the greater familiarity with text messaging, which is more fluid and convenient to operate. It should be noticed that asking for a customer's phone number is often more aggressive and offensive than asking for an email address, and customers are likely to resist, so don't forget to explain your choice of SMS channel.

Professional Degree

Texting is superior to email in many aspects, but in terms of professionalism, there is still a gap. An email begins with a greeting and ends with a signature, which conveys a sense of professionalism and respect in many formal and serious communications,like sending invitations. But that's not to say that texting isn't a professional communication channel.

Instead, with its ability to send emojis and pictures in real time, and establish real relationships with people who you are relevant to your business. Texting is a relatively tactful professional approach, more suitable for relaxed communication.

Which is better for your business communication, text or email?

Texting and email are indispensable channels of communication in business. They have their own advantages on different levels. The choice of communication channels can be based on the actual situation.

If you want to get more  potential customers and increase the visibility of your business with high open and response rates, texting is a great option. What's more, if you want to send time-sensitive messages like appointment alerts and time limit promotions, texting is better than email.

With its powerful function and high degree of professionalism, E-mail is a good choice for dealing with serious and important business, such as communicating with business partners and investors. When you need to send various of documents, email is the only choice.

With SMS gradually entering the business and becoming an important channel of business communication, it is increasingly important for enterprises. IntBell allows you and your customers to communicate in a different way. You don't have to worry about whether your time overlap, you can send your customers a text message at any time. Click Sign Up to sign up to communicate with your customers!

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