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Few Tips for Achieving Cross Departmental Collaboration

The operation of a company or a team cannot rely only on one department, it needs the cooperation of different departments, but how to realize the cooperation between departments?

Several Ways to Make Your Home Office Efficient

The comfortable environment of home office may lead to the reduction of work efficiency, so how to maintain high work efficiency when working at home?

Several Tips For Making Business Call

Telephone communication is a very important communication channel in business activities, but what kind of communication can achieve efficient communication?

5 professional tips for sending business texts

Many enterprises will choose SMS when contacting customers, but how to send SMS to make customers more willing to communicate with you?

Fixed VoIP vs. Non-fixed VoIP: How to Choose

With the development of VoIP technology, many enterprises choose VoIP as their business communication mode. However, how to choose between fixed VoIP and non-fixed VoIP?

How to weigh the pros and cons of VoIP

With the changing work mode, many enterprises and employees prefer flexible working hours and remote working. The limitations of business landline phones are becoming more and more obvious. VoIP technology has emerged and gradually become the first choice for business communication.

Vonage VS RingCentral :which is the best choice?

RingCentral and Vonage are both popular VoIP system, but are they the right ones for you?

Why is it Not Recommended to Use a Personal Phone for Work

More and more employees find it too inconvenient to use business devices, so they prefer to bring their work into their personal mobile phones. Is this really good for them and their companies?

Email VS. Texting: Which is the Best for Business Communication?

Most companies and employees choose email in business communication, but the various of advantages of text messages also make it become their preferred way of communication.

What is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a legitimate phone number that’s tied to an online account. Unlike traditional phone numbers.