Four ways how to do a good job in international SMS

international SMS has become an integral part of our daily communication.

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IntBell 05/27/2023

In modern society, international SMS has become an integral part of our daily communication. Due to the high cost of overseas SMS or network delays, many people choose to use international bulk SMS to improve efficiency and convenience. However, how to stably send international text messages and ensure the arrival rate is a problem that cannot be ignored. Today, IntBell shares four methods to ensure the stability and high arrival rate of international SMS.

Choose a high-quality international SMS service

Choosing a reliable international SMS service provider is the first step to ensure the quality of your international SMS sending. this is very important. Because different countries and regions have different SMS receiving rules, special requirements and policy restrictions. This means that before sending international text messages, we must first familiarize ourselves with the regulations and rules of different regions, and then choose a high-quality international text message service provider that meets the standards.

Split the mass sending number

According to statistics, a large number of short messages sent at one time will be mistaken by telecom operators as spam text messages, resulting in interception and loss. To avoid this, we can split the sender number so that it is sent as a series of small batches of SMS. This can make sending more efficient, better stability, and all recipients can receive SMS.

Regular data maintenance

Many people will find that some international text messages cannot reach the recipient correctly after they are sent. This is usually due to outdated or incorrect data. Therefore, regularly updating and maintaining data is an important step to ensure a high reach rate. In addition, we can also use the data list to filter invalid data and numbers that do not want to receive SMS, so as to improve the success rate and stability of SMS sending.

Comply with international SMS rules and policies

International text messages have their own rules and policies in different regions and countries, which must be followed by those who send bulk text messages. Violating these regulations without hesitation will lead to interception and loss of text messages, which will affect the normal conduct of commercial activities. Therefore, we must make sure to understand and abide by the rules of different regions and countries to ensure stable SMS sending, high reach rate and long-term business relationship.

in conclusion

To sum up, international SMS plays a very important role in modern society. In order to ensure stable SMS sending and high arrival rate, we need to choose a reliable international SMS service provider and maintain the data regularly,

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