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International SMS platform is an essential tool for overseas marketing

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IntBell 03/20/2023

In the process of international marketing, how to communicate with customers quickly and efficiently has become an important issue. At this time, International SMS Platform has become an essential tool. Compared with other forms of marketing methods, the communication effect of international SMS is more obvious, more efficient and cost-effective.

How to use the IntBell international SMS platform to send international text messages

The steps of using the IntBell international SMS platform to send bulk international SMS are as follows:

  1. Register an IntBell account and complete related operations such as authentication and recharge.

  2. Import SMS content, recipient’s mobile phone number and other relevant information through Excel tables, API interfaces, etc., or set SMS receiving rules, etc.

  3. Set the relevant parameters of sending SMS content, such as sending time, content, signature and other information.

  4. Click the “Send” button, and wait for the set time to automatically send group text messages to the mobile phones of the target users.

IntBell platform can send up to 500,000 international and overseas text messages

The advantage of using the IntBell international SMS platform for group sending is that it supports batch sending of more than 500,000 international and overseas SMS. Its maximum sending volume of SMS is 500,000 per hour, and the maximum number of group sending is 500,000, which is enough to meet the overseas promotion needs of the majority of enterprises and teams. In addition, the IntBell international SMS platform provides efficient, stable and safe services, which can ensure that your information can reach your target users safely and quickly, thus greatly improving the marketing effect.

in conclusion

Using an international SMS platform is a very effective way to market internationally. Using the IntBell international SMS platform for group sending, the steps are simple and clear, and it supports efficient, stable and high-quality services such as up to 500,000 messages per hour and a maximum of 500,000 messages, which can meet the overseas promotion needs of enterprises and teams. If you need to send international overseas SMS in batches, the IntBell international SMS platform is undoubtedly one of your best choices. If you are an overseas company or team that needs to conduct international marketing, you might as well try to use the IntBell international SMS platform to send overseas international SMS in batches, which will surely bring you surprising results.

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