Several Tips For Making Business Call

  • several tips for making business call
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IntBell 08/17/2021


Telephone communication is an important communication channel in business activities, but people often fail to pay attention to telephone etiquette. Of course you can say whatever you want on the phone with your friends, but when it's your client or a team member on the other side, don't you really need to pay attention to communication etiquette? This can greatly affect your customer and team relationships. Knowing how to communicate clearly and follow social norms will make you a better teammate and help you score better on customer experience reviews. To better communicate with customers and build teams, the following tips will help you excel when handling calls, sending texts, and leaving voicemails.

Make a plan before you make a call

Have you ever felt nervous or speechless when talking on the phone with a team member or client? That's OK, as long as you think about what you're going to talk about before you make the call. If you're worried about getting too nervous and forgetting the points, you can write them down on the paper.

Avoid multitasking

When you're on the phone with a client, try to avoid being influenced by the outside world. For more urgent tasks, you can finish them before the call. For the less urgent tasks, try to finish them after the call. It's best not to deal with other tasks while you are on the phone with a team member or client. Otherwise, your distraction will lead to low call efficiency and even complaints from customers.

Don't use the hands-free feature

Except in special cases, try not to use the hands-free function during calls. Many people turn on the speakerphone when talking to someone else, but it's best not to do so when you're on a business call.Environmental uncertainty can affect the quality of your call. You can't be sure that your environment will be quiet all the time.

Use a common language or the same language as the other person

In terms of exaggeration, the customers are the hands that feed you. When communicating with the customer, it is very important to accommodate the customers. Therefore, it matters to speak the same language as your customers when you are on the phone. Good service will make them feel respected and your product will be rated higher.

Answer the phone within three rings

Most people hang up after the phone rings three or four times. For the sake of your customers' satisfaction, try to answer your call before the phone rings three or four times, so that they don't get bored and hang up.

Don't keep them waiting too long

If you are on the phone and have an emergency that requires you to interrupt your conversation, ask for permission to put the phone on hold for no more than a minute. If it takes longer, consult with the caller for permission or give an approximate time for your next call, but avoid making the caller wait too long for your next call.

Pay attention to the call recording

As we all know, recording a phone call is a very efficient way to work, but do not forget to tell the other side before turning on the recording. This is not only a way to show your respect, but also a way to protect the rights of both sides.

Use polite words

It is never a wrong practice to use polite words on the phone. Some clients value etiquette, so saying "please" and "thank you" is always a plus for you. 

Be honest with your clients

It's best to be honest when someone asks you a question that you don't know how to answer, but don't forget to contact someone who knows the answer or take note of user feedback.

Complete the following services

The end of the call does not mean the completion of the communication, the customer follow-up services should be completed as soon as possible, which can help you win customer's recognition.

VoIP has brought great convenience to modern enterprises, but to achieve efficient business communication through instant messaging, formal communication etiquette and skills are essential, which is the foundation of providing quality service to customers and building stable relationships.

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