Several Ways to Make Your Home Office Efficient

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IntBell 08/23/2021


The continuous development of network technology has brought about the change of working style, remote office has become one of the styles to work for many enterprises and employee. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made people to work from home, but the comfort of working from home is likely to make them less productive. How can you stay productive while working from home? Here are some of our suggestions:

1.Have a Regular Schedule

Nowadays, people's life is becoming more and more stressful. Regular work and rest time is very important for working people who need to spend a lot of mental energy. Different people have different habits. Some people prefer to get up early to have a big breakfast after washing, and then go to work. Others prefer to stay in bed longer in the morning as they are more productive at night. It doesn't matter, just keep a regular schedule, which is often more productive than showing up at work on time.

2.Work Away from your Comfort Zone

Our key to working more efficiently at home is to stay away from places where you can relax. You bed and your couch are designed to relax when you're not working. You might think that being comfortable in your work environment will improve your happiness at work, but it doesn't. Your comfort zone can lead to slacking off, which will result in low productivity and a lower level of happiness. To be more productive, you need to get out of your comfort zone and set up your own work space that separates work from rest.

3.Set Schedule Breaks

A person's focus time is limited, after a period of continuous work, do you find that you your inspiration is blocked. Or you become distracted and can't get back to the original work state. It's normal. After working for long hours, people need to take break to recover. Short break can boost creativity level. This could mean getting up to take a walk to distract yourself or a few minutes of mobile entertainment, but make sure that it can't be a break you're addicted to, or it will only make you less productive.

4.Set a Specific ending Time

Your departure from the company means your work for the day is over. However, the convenience of working from home can easily blur the boundaries between work and life. It's easy to stuck at work all day without a clear end time, which can lead to burnout and reduce productivity. All in all, you need to set a specific time to end your work, turn off your computer and disconnect from your work.

5.Take Advantage of your After Work Time

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can save a lot of commuting time, from tens of minutes to three or four hours. It's not a good idea to use the extra time to check out your dating platform or other social media instead of learning a skill or picking up a hobby. Although the duration of each day is not long, quantitative change is the basis of qualitative change, long-term accumulation will always make you grow slowly.

6.Plan your Daily Tasks

Most of time, do you feel at a loss when faced with  your work? This is most likely because you don't plan your daily tasks properly, that is often the main culprit of your low productivity. Here are some tips on how to plan your work:

First, prioritize your tasks. Urgent tasks should be given high priority and  be dealt with first, while more difficult tasks should be done during your most productive time. Put everything else off and refuse to be cut in line.

Second, be willing to spend more time focusing on the best solution for the task. Of course, it should make sure that your task can be completed on time. So that the next time encountered similar work can be quickly and efficiently solved.

Third,  do a good daily work summary. It doesn't have to be long, as long as you have a proper review of your work a few short sentences is a perfect summary of your work.

7.Improve Work Ability

Each person's work efficiency is based on his or her work ability. A person with high ability can complete the work well without much effort, while a person with poor ability may need a long time and a lot of energy to complete the work. So, if your work ability is not very good, improving your work ability is the first choice to improve work efficiency.

Those are our tips for working from home. Of course, these are not the only ways to improve work efficiency, convenient communication tool is also a good channel. Sign Up in IntBell to interact with your customers and colleagues, experience the efficiencies of VoIP!

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