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IntBell 08/13/2021


Nowadays, many enterprises provide services to customers through SMS, such as sending verification code and service promotion, which is a good way of service. Why do you say that? First, short message to avoid direct conversation, many customers will produce a psychological resistance when in the face of the company's promotion calls, and for the promotion of short message, customers' acceptance is a little higher. Secondly, texting is good way for both the customer and the company, because you have enough time to think and think about replying techniques.

While SMS is a great way to serve people, it is easy to send wrong messages. Especially for international business, where wrong messages can lead to translation loss or errors, which can delay efficiency or even lose your customers. So, when it comes to sending business text messages, pay attention to the following tips to become an expert in business text messaging and make your business communication easier and more efficient.

First, Get Your Customer's Approval

While a text message is not nearly as intrusive as an unannounced phone call, many people are reluctant to receive a text message without actually communicating. So, before you start texting, you should make sure that your client is willing to communicate with you by text messages, or they text you first.

In most cases, customers will send you a text message asking for help first, rather than unsolicited requests for ads, marketing texts, etc., that have nothing to do with their problems. Don't try to send text messages to your customers unless they agree to receive your marketing messages.

Secondly, Have a Human Touch

When communicating with customers, the way of phone call is more authentic, which can make customers feel closer and sincere. However, this is often being ignored when sending short messages. Cold statement makes people feel that they are communicating with robots, which leads to the communication efficiency of short messages is not as high as that of phone call. How do you humanize your text messages? Here are some tips:

People have a strong sense of belonging to their own names. By addressing customers' names, you can break the ice, quickly close the distance between you and customers, and ease customers' resistance and aversion to receiving SMS.

Exclamation marks and emoticons can be used appropriately when communicating with customers through text messages, but you should pay attention to how well you master them. Excessive use will not make customers have a good experience, but they will think you are too enthusiastic and unprofessional, which may make them resist communicating with you more.

Third, Pay Attention to the Content

When communicating with your customers, pay attention not only to the human touch of your messages, but also to the content of your messages. These include the following:

Beware of Automatic Correction 

Automatic correction is designed to make editing easier, but it often can be counterproductive. Changing the correct expression to the wrong one, especially with the names of certain companies or products, where automatic correct can misrepresent them, which can lead to irreversible consequences if you do not pay attention.

Terse and Concise

The reason why text messages are called short messages is that they can express the main point of a topic in a short sentence. Long text is not readable, it is not interesting to read, and it is often confusing to the client. Avoid unnecessary embellishments when editing a text message. If you do need to send a longer message, consider breaking it down into 1 to 3 short messages, but each one must be short and complete, don't send an incomplete message.

If the content is too much to be covered in three text messages, it is better to reply by phone or email. This way of communicating will be more efficient.

Check the information

Think about whether a business message with grammatical errors or typographical errors makes you question the professionalism of the company. This will often come across as unprofessional and not sincere. So it's a good idea to check the message before hitting the send button. Also, be aware that your text message already contains what you want to express. Adding missing information can also make you look unprofessional.

Fourth, Pay Attention to the Timing of the Message

If you're a customer,do you want to get a text while you're resting in the midnight? Probably not.

Try to text your customers during the day, even if they are busy with their work and can't get back to you, they would rather receive a text message during the day than at night. If you want to communicate with a foreign customer, be aware of the time zone the customer is in. You may not be able to communicate as easily as that with someone in the same time zone.

Fifth, Pay Attention to the Follow-up after Sending SMS 

The end of sending SMS does not mean the end of communication,  when the customer replies, remember to respond in time. It is  not necessarily respond in the next second after seeing the message, but when it is an emergency that needs immediately respond, do not let the customer wait too long, it would best to respond to customers within 24 hours. Learn to distinguish the importance of customer messages. Not all messages need to be answered immediately, and if you do that, you'll spend most of your time texting. However, not reply immediately doesn't mean not reply. You can send a quick text to let your client know that you are working on the problem and get back to him or her later. Besides, be patient while waiting for a customer to reply. After all, no one has time to look at their phone all the time. Finally, if a customer's problem is solved or business communication is finished successfully, don't forget to end the conversation with a polite blessing to show your respect.

No matter how you choose to communicate with your customers, above all, it is important to be empathetic to them. Only in this way can you win the trust of your customers.

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