What is a professional account?

Professional version of the account to provide services

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IntBell 07/14/2021

Thank you for reading this article, which will give you more information about your professional account.

The professional account has more powerful service functions than the basic version and the updated version, which is more suitable for  enterprises to conduct international business negotiations.


It provides:

Unrestricted number of users: You can assign the user accounts purchased in the professional version to your employees or colleagues to achieve enterprise management of users.

$9.99 each users per month;

 Phone call and texting have a Pay-As-You-Go approach after the purchase;

 Can make business calls over 100 countries and regions: To achieve international low-cost and barrier-free business conversation for you; 

Unlimited quantity on numbers: This allows you to achieve number specialization, assigning different numbers to different countries or regions, and avoiding confusing customer information; 

Services for voice mail and call transfer: When you are unable to answer the phone in a timely manner, IntBell provides you with a mailbox service, which stores and transits voice messages using the computer processing system on the Telex network. When you have set a transfer number, people will call to the phone you have set up, you can use that phone to conduct business conversation. 

Automatic call recording: In order to avoid crucial information being forgotten after the call, we provide you with automatic call recording service.

 Support SIP, IOS , android and console: No need to worry about the operating platform on account of the strong compatibility. 

24 hours a day to provide service for you and solve your problems.

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