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IntBell 07/29/2021

As the work mode of enterprises continuously improve, telecommuting model saves commuting time and will not let people work in a tense atmosphere, which makes it gradually becoming a preferred mode of work by many enterprises as well as professionals, and also causes a growth trend of employees using their own equipment to work. Instead of using company device, they use their laptops or phones to work. Enterprise Technology Research(ETR)  surveyed about 1200 chief information officers(CIOs) in a variety of industries around the word in 2020 and projected that telecommuting will reach 34.4% in 2021. Almost half of those surveyed said telecommuting has made employees more productive, which suggests that telecommuting is likely to become mainstream and "bring your own device" trend is on the rise.

Well, is it really a good idea to use your own device to work? Let's keep an eye on the pros and cons of using a personal phone at work.

There is no denying that using a personal phone means you don't have to carry one more phone, and you can use the functions in the phone at any time, instead of switching between the two phones. But the drawbacks of using a personal phone to work outweigh this slight advantage.

Loss Privacy

The use of personal devices to work is potentially a big risk to the enterprise, some important information may be leaked.To mitigate this risk, some companies have employees install Apps to monitor and secure data, or you may need to communicate with customers through the company's virtual private network(VPN). Either way, your private data will be exposed. Besides, if you give your personal number to a client, then you can never get it back even after you leave the company. The only way to solve this problem is to change the number. But this is a solution that people don't always consider, that's because we all know how much information is associated with a phone number, and changing a number is a huge project. With this in mind, you have to put up with the constant interruptions. What's more, sharing your private number can also give away other information, such as your address, which can make you at a security risk.

Break Work-life Balance

If you use your personal number for work, you're breaking the balance between work and life. Work calls are coming to you anywhere anytime: while you're eating, in the shower, or even sleeping, you may have to stop your life for a work call. Unless you stick to a strict schedule (which, of course,few people can realistically do that ), otherwise, your work and life are destined to be blended.

Negative Impact on Customer Relationships

When you use your personal phone for work, it's easy to mix customers' messages with that of friends and family. In this case, missing customers'messages and calls is nothing new. This confusion can cause customers to doubt your sincerity and lead to the loss of exiting and potential customers. Besides, you run the risk of sending the wrong message to your client. After all, who hasn't sent someone a missed message?

Cannot Tell Whether the Call is From Work

If you keep your personal and business calls separate, you can be selective about your phone calls and avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. When you use your personal phone for work, you're giving up your ability to judge work calls, and you'll never know what role you should play or who you're dealing with until you hit the answer button. In this case, you become very passive. Sometimes you have to take an important business call in a noisy environment with nothing prepared, which may lead to lose a client. Moreover, you might end up interrupting a customer's call by taking a personal call that can be held on hold, resulting in a bad call experience for the customer.

After reading about the disadvantages of using personal phone for work, have you considered adding a business phone for work? Take your time, IntBell gives you a better option by allowing you to separate your personal and business calls in one phone. With IntBell, you can use a separate virtual business phone instead of the actual number you need to register with the carrier, which means you can:

Protect Your Privacy

As you use the virtual business calls to communicate with customers, you don't have to worry about company-required APP that expose your personal data to your boss, and company doesn't have to monitor and control your devices for fear of important data being leaked. If your boss wants to know how you're dealing with customers, he or she can check  IntBell's corporate account information management. Moreover, even if you quit, the company can cancel employee's data, so you don't have to worry about being constantly disturbed by former customers, let alone sharing your address and other information because of your personal number.

Maintain Work-life Balance

IntBell is the scale that maintains your work and life balance. With IntBell, you can set your status, so you don't have to worry about the phone calls might come at any time to interrupt your personal time and let your work take over your life completely.

Maintain Good Customer Relationship

IntBell supports the company's account to assign the same number to different employees, so that employees can realize the communication characteristics of different customers at any time and make relative adjustments in communication methods, so as to provide better experience for customers. In addition, IntBell can explore more potential customers and conduct deeper business cooperation with existing customers through sending promotion, which provides a platform for the company's customer relationship maintenance and business mining.

Keep Your Work Phone Separate

With IntBell's separate virtual phone, you can effectively tell the difference between a work call and a personal call. You don't have to worry whether it's a work call or not and how much effort and expertise it takes to respond at every time your phone rings. What's more, you don't have to worry about missing an important customer call because you're dealing with a personal one.

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