Benefits of using 10DLC

Benefits of using 10DLC

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IntBell 02/24/2022

Thank you for reading this article, This article will explain Benefits of using 10DLC.

By registering a 10DLC number, you can unlock higher throughput and better content filtering and reduce your long code rental costs and messaging surcharges.

1.With carrier support and warranty. Before a business sends an A2P message, the communications provider will review the permitting business and its 10DCL messaging program to ensure proper use by the business and avoid unintentional spam filtering.

2.Have local phone number identification. 10DLC can help businesses send text messages to customers individually or at scale, increasing customer engagement and experience.

3.SMS and voice phone numbers. 10DLC numbers are voice-enabled, which means it allows your customers to be able to send and receive text messages from the same number.

4.Offers a low-cost option. 10DLC is relatively low cost compared to shortcodes. It is important to note, however, that 10DLC should not replace your shortcode program, as shortcodes have specific benefits and functions. Instead, 10DLC provides a less expensive option for additional or more suitable use cases.

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