What is 10DLC?

What is 10DLC

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IntBell 02/24/2022

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10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) is a service offered by major US carriers to explicitly allow A2P SMS traffic over long code phone numbers. Unlike the old long code service, the new 10DLC service is designed for commercial A2P messaging. In short, 10DLC is the new long-code solution dominated by the North American A2P business messaging industry.

To create this sanctioned channel, US carriers require businesses to register their 10DLC numbers and the campaigns for which they use them. Registration lets carriers know who’s sending messages and what kinds of messages are being sent, so they can protect end users from spam and unwanted messages.

Upon receipt of registration information, carriers’verification and risk assessment evaluations are outsourced to an independent organization called The Campaign Registry. TCR evaluates each registration based on the information the registrant provides and assigns a“Trust Score”to each registration, which determines the maximum throughput the carrier allows for a brand.

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