How do I delete (log out) an account?

delete (log out) an account

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IntBell 03/23/2022

Thank you for reading this article, which will explain how to delete (log out) your account.

First, log in to the console page, find the "Account Settings" button in the left navigation bar, click to enter the "Delete Account" page, and follow the instructions on the page to delete (log out) the account.


Deleting (cancelling) an account requires verification of the mobile phone number. If the mobile phone number is not bound, you can bind the mobile phone number on the "Security Settings" page.


In addition, it should be reminded that the enterprise version employees cannot delete (cancel) the account by themselves, and need to delete (cancel) the operation through the enterprise. If you want to know how to delete (cancel) the enterprise version employee account, please read the article How to delete (cancel) the enterprise version employee account

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